Charlotte Haslund-Christensen is a photography and video artist based in Copenhagen with an artistic practice that operates at the intersection of anthropology, documentarism and social interaction.

Her art projects often take the form of fieldwork, resulting in works that subvert museum and archival representations to investigate their role in framing and forming minorities and majorities Ė addressing social issues with a strong focus on the political and historical role of photography and the media. Part of this interrogation of representation includes works that offer alternative voices and faces to those dominating the mainstream.

Her work has been exhibited extensively both in Denmark and abroad, including New York, Paris, Pingyao, Warsaw, Helsinki and Casablanca.

Her major works include HOPE & FEAR (2016), WHO'S NEXT? (2013), Natives: The Danes (2008), No Airport to Travel From (2006), JUMP (2002) and Inner City (1998).

In addition to museum and gallery exhibitions, in recent years the artistís drive to interrogate the history and role of lens-based media has led to an increasing number of commissions and works created for public space including projects like TO TINGBJERG WITH LOVE (2012), TIME FOR TRUST (2016) and most recently the large-scale, 3-channel video work HOPE & FEAR.

Charlotte Haslund-Christensenís works are in major collections including The Hasselblad Foundation, The Danish Arts Foundation, The National Museum of Photography, Denmark, and Museet for Fotokunst.

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